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Funnel Scripts & Perfect Webinar Wizard Review

Monday, June 27, 2022

Name: Funnel Scripts & Perfect Webinar Wizard Review
Price: $497.00 per year subscription
Owners: Russell Brunson & Jim Edwards
Overall Rank: 98/100

Who Funnel Scripts & Perfect Webinar Wizard Is For:

If you have been looking for a thorough and honest Funnel Scripts review, you are in the right place!

Funnel Scripts and the Perfect Webinar Wizard is for anyone who would like to shortcut their ad copy time down from weeks to less than one hour. Every step of the ad sales copy is laid out for you in simple “answer the questions, save, copy and paste, and get started” software!

Here you will get everything from 100’s headlines and sales scripts, all the way to full-blown PowerPoint webinar slides pre-written for you. For each step, simply answer a series of questions, click save and open your text files or webinar slides.

Introduction to Funnel Scripts and Perfect Webinar Wizard:

Have you been looking for copywriting templates? Look no more!

Russell Brunson quotes Gary Halbert, “You are one sales letter away from being rich,” and then gives a personal example of how this actually happened to him and turned his business around. But more importantly, he shows sales letters that he paid between $15k and $20k for in the past, that now you can easily have this copy written for you through the use of this software!

I have been following Jim Edwards for many years, and I often think about how much of the work I do online that I use every single day, I learned from Jim Edwards over a decade ago. I am still using software that he recommended and HTML tricks that he taught me daily. So, I am a huge fan of Jim Edwards and trust his work 1000% because I know it is high quality, as Jim is known for over-delivering.

Jim Edwards stated on the webinar that he ordered Russell Brunson’s book DotComSecrets and was so impressed, that he messaged Russell on Facebook and told him how impressed he was with this book. Excited about the scripts that Russell taught in this book, Jim told Russell, “These people still need to write hours of the copy. I can help them by creating software that will make it easy and fast by just answering a few questions.”

Of course, Russell was very open to what Jim had to say and agreed that this would be a great benefit to his followers. So, Jim started to work on this software and within a year had it completed, which is what you will find here by watching the webinar that will not only explain how it works but walk you through a demo.

What You Will Learn with Funnel Scripts & Perfect Webinar Wizard:

You will learn how to save thousands of hours that would have added up to weeks (or months) of time if you were writing your own sales copy for scripts and webinars. One of the things that excited me the most is how you can answer a few questions and build a webinar within minutes, right in PowerPoint slides that you can edit as you see fit. These webinars use the same “Perfect Webinar” script that Russell Brunson teaches that has made Russell, Jim (and many other online entrepreneurs) millions of dollars.

Here are a few of the things you will learn from this webinar:

  • How to build highly converting sales funnels, even if you hate writing and have never wanted to know about writing copy.
  • ​How much ad copy experts are charging ($15k – $20k at most and $120 – $200 per hour at best.)
  • ​The 3 Secrets that you will learn:
  • 1. The number one reason your funnel is not converting is because of your ad copy.
  • ​2. You don’t have to hire world-class copywriters to have to convert copy.
  • ​3. You don’t have to become a world-class copywriter.
  • ​Why copy is everything from the headline, the subheadlines, the other copy, the videos and the sales letters, and the webinars.

Learning The Difference Between Being Broke And Killing It Online

  • ​Why you have to have the right words to convert people and make sales
  • ​How good copy is the difference between being broke or killing it online
  • ​Why do you never need to stare at a blank page again.
  • ​This software will create your rough drafts for you, just as an expensive copywriter will create your rough drafts for you for thousands of dollars.
  • ​Scripts that will create your email autoresponder sequences.

Learning About Headlines, Ad Scripts, & More

  • ​Headline generators that will give you 100 headlines to choose from.​
  • ​All of the sales scripts that Russell teaches in easy-to-use software.
  • ​Why this software can give you the ability to set up shop on Fiverr and sell ad copy to others.
  • Curiosity Ad Scripts – one of the most successful types of ad copy.
  • ​Breaks down everything into important chunks.
  • ​Breaks down the secrets and reframing beliefs.
  • ​The more you use it, the better you get.
  • Fully customized closes that you can add to your webinars.
  • ​Teasers to get the attention of your leads.

Funnel Scripts Bonuses

  • ​Lots of bonuses, including Inception Secrets, Funnel Templates, and Blueprints.
  • ​Every time you use it, it saves you time and money.
  • New scripts will be added regularly.
  • ​This is a Beta Test and the price will eventually go up, but you will be grandfathered in at this price forever.
  • ​Great sales copy does not go out of date – ever.
  • Good sales copy and make you money consistently for 15 years or more.
  • ​This software uses proven methods to convert leads into sales.
  • ​This will become one of two important tools you will use every day (along with Click Funnels.)
  • ​Great sales copy does not go out of date – ever. Good sales copy and make you money consistently for 15 years or more.
  • ​This software is “Copywriting in a Box.”
  • ​This software does the most important thing – it converts people into sales.
  • ​After you register, be sure and sign up for your Free Click Funnels trial.

The Different Types of Script Software You Will Receive:

  • ​Amazon Ecom Scripts
  • Brunson Bullet Scripts
  • ​Call To Action Scripts
  • ​Lead Capture Scripts
  • ​Million Dollar Testimonial Scripts
  • ​One Time Offer “Need Help/Coaching/Done For You Service” Scripts
  • ​One Time Offer “Next Thing” Next Step Scripts
  • Order Bump Scripts
  • ​Origin Story Script
  • ​PPT Opt-in Video Scripts
  • ​Special Offer Scripts

More Software Options

  • Magic Bullet Scripts
  • ​Webinar Opt-In Scripts
  • Who, What, Why, How Scripts
  • ​Star, Story Solution Scripts
  • ​Facebook Newsfeed Ad Scripts
  • ​PPC Ad Scripts
  • ​Stealth Close Scripts
  • ​Seinfeld Email Topic Idea Scripts
  • ​Free Report Scripts
  • ​Auto Email Follow-Up Scripts
  • ​Fast Teaser & Tweet Scripts
  • ​Promote Your Webinar Script
  • Webinar Follow Up Scripts
  • ​Profitable Title Scripts
  • ​Long Form Sales Letter Scripts
  • Short Sales Letter Scripts
  • ​PPT Video Sales Letter (VSL) Scripts

Why Funnel Scripts & the Perfect Webinar Wizard Is A Smart Thing To Do:

This is kind of a no-brainer. Without Funnel Scripts and the Perfect Webinar scripts, you will have two other options. You can either spend thousands of hours and weeks (or months) putting together sales copy, headlines, video scripts, sales letter scripts, and webinar slides, or you can use this software to answer a few questions in about 30 minutes, save the file and edit as needed.

The other reason this is a no-brainer is that your other option would be to pay a copywriter between $15k and $20k per sales letter, which is what Russell and many other marketers have done in the past.

For those who have taken these two difficult and expensive paths in the past to earn money online, this software has blown them away by its simplicity. I know that I have taken the long road (not the expensive road) and I literally could not believe how difficult it had been in the past and how easy they have made it.

As a bonus, this software makes “Writer’s Block” a thing of the past. By answering a few questions and allowing the software to kick back dozens of choices for content, you never again need to stare at a blank page, wondering what to write. You will have a “rough draft” already printed out in front of you, filling you with many new great ideas and all you need to do at that point is edit as you see fit.

Why Funnel Scripts & the Perfect Webinar Wizard Is A Smart Thing To Do:

  • ​Of course, I love the incredible time-saving software because that has always been one of my biggest obstacles to succeeding online. I never seemed to have the time to build out these elaborate sales funnels online, nor did I have the software to do it. So, I am extremely excited to share this with you!
  • I love the simplicity of the program – just answer a few questions, save the files or PowerPoint slides, and edit as you see fit.
  • ​I love the price! All I can say is thank God Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson are the creators of this product because I can promise you – there are many other marketers out there who would be charging so much more for this phenomenal software if they had been the creators.
  • ​I love the way Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson over-deliver and give you all the tools and training that you need to make marketing online so much easier than it ever was before.
  • ​I love the fact that their training is exceptional and when you study their training videos, you will easily recognize that this is exactly what the top marketers have been doing for years, that most of us did not have the time or money to duplicate.
  • ​Now, thanks to Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson, we can duplicate and model these highly effective business models in a fraction of a time for a fraction of the cost.

More Pros For Funnel Scripts & Perfect Webinar

  • ​I hope that people will recognize the extreme over-deliverance of value here.
  • ​I love the way Jim explains on the webinar step-by-step which scripts to start with, which scripts to use next, and which scripts to follow up with to have a fully functioning sales funnel that will convert visitors into sales.
  • Did I mention that I love simplicity?
  • ​I love the fact that you no longer need to stare at a blank page, having no idea where to start. This software delivers a rough draft and all you need to do is edit as necessary.


  • ​I honestly cannot think of a single con. How can a product that makes things so much easier and so much more affordable have a con? I can’t think of one!
  • ​If there is a con (which I don’t consider this a con) – this software will give you a ROUGH draft and you will need to go back and do some minor editing to get it to sound the way you want, especially until you get used to the software and learn how to answer the questions in a way that will give you copy that makes sense.

What Is Funnel Scripts and the Perfect Webinar Wizard:

Funnel Scripts has over 28 templates that you can use, depending on what stage you are in building out your sales funnel. You simply answer the questions, save the text, and edit as necessary.

The Perfect Webinar Script is the same, but with this wizard, you can build and create PowerPoint slides that are already written for you. The best part is that it is done using the “Perfect Webinar Script” that has been proven to convert time and time again.

In addition to the 28 Funnel Scripts and Perfect Webinar Wizard, you also have a VSL (Video Sales Letter) template and Survey Creator. The Perfect Webinar Wizard, the VSL Creator, and the Survey creator are downloadable to your desktop. The 28 Funnel Scripts are inside of the membership. You simply click on what you need, answer the questions and create hundreds of examples.

Funnel Scripts has “Done-For-You” copywriting templates that you can use over and over again!

Who Is Funnel Scripts and Perfect Webinar Wizard For:

These are for people who build out sales funnels online. You can either build out the funnels yourself or use Click Funnels drag and drop software to do the heavy lifting for you. Click Funnels is very easy to use. But you still need to have an ad copy. And also scripts to put on each of the pages to your sales funnel.

This is where Funnel Scripts and Perfect Webinar Wizard come in. Again, you can write your ad copy or pay someone thousands of dollars to do it for you. But a better option is to use this software program. That way, you can create not just one, but hundreds of ideas to choose from.

Funnel Scripts and Perfect Webinar Wizard Tools & Training:

The tools are inside of the membership or downloadable to your desktop. They are bits of software for each stage of the sales funnel process. They will create for you hundreds of options and ideas. You choose which options you like the best.

Funnel Scripts and Perfect Webinar Wizard Support:

Benefits of Funnel Scripts and Perfect Webinar Wizard:

There are two main benefits of using this software – it is an incredible time-saver and/or it will save you thousands of dollars so that you no longer have to hire expensive copywriters.

Watch The Video Below

How To Create A “Who, What, Why, How” Script
With Funnel Scripts:

What Is Required to get Funnel Scripts and Perfect Webinar Wizard:

It is recommended to watch the 90-minute webinar that will explain and demo what this software can do. After that, you sign up for your monthly membership and watch the training videos. However, the training is not required because it is so obvious what to do once you get in there!


$497.00 per year subscription

My Final Opinion:

As mentioned above, I am a huge fan of both Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson. The reason for this is because I find that they are teaching incredibly important and valuable information that will show you how to build out a sales funnel that will get people onto your email list so that you can sell to them again and again.

My favorite thing is the simplicity of their software because I have struggled for many years to find the time to work on an online business. With this software, they have made it easy and affordable to create sales funnels in a matter of hours (less as you practice) that you and I can market online, test, tweak and get those sales funnels profitable. This is incredibly exciting for me.

Why This Software Is So Important

As mentioned in previous articles, it is important to note that a blog still has tremendous value as one method of pre-framing your leads and bringing them into your system. But the Click Funnels, Funnel Scripts, and Webinar software will help you tremendously to build and own your email list and give you many opportunities to sell to them again and again on the back end of your sales funnel.

I highly recommend the software and training of Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson if you are serious about building a business online. You can always send people to someone else’s list, but if you do this, you do not have the opportunity to put that and other offers in front of them in the future. Building your email list will make your business not only much more valuable but much more profitable as well.

I find this new software to be an incredibly exciting advancement in the internet marketing field. I can tell you why I am so enthusiastic. It is because I spent many, many years doing things the hard way and the expensive way. That is why the value here was so easily recognizable and obvious to me.

I want to learn anything that can help save weeks of time and hundreds (or thousands) of dollars! Don’t you? This is something that I (personally) want and need to know! A shortcut to success with good quality training and software is always of great interest to me. I am always happy to share anything that I know will help others. Mostly, because I know how much it helped me.

Short View:

Name: Funnel Scripts & Perfect Webinar Wizard Review
Price: $497.00 per year subscription
Owners: Russell Brunson & Jim Edwards
Overall Rank: 98/100

Final Opinion: Legitimate!!

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