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Dot Com Secrets Book Review

Monday, June 27, 2022

Name: Dot Com Secrets Book
Price: Free (plus shipping)
Owners: Russell Brunson & Todd Dickerson
Overall Rank: 98/100

Who It Dot Com Secrets For?

The Dot Com Secrets Book is for anyone who would like to know what is going on behind the scenes of successful online businesses. Russell teaches how the ultimate strategy of building a successful business is to understand what is going on in the back end of a sales funnel and how to ultimately “own” your traffic and build a list that will consistently bring you income, month after month.

Introduction To The Dot Com Secrets Book:

Dot Com Secrets Book is for anyone who would like to take his or her business to the highest level. This book teaches the secrets of how top internet marketers and successful businesses are earning over six figures a year online. It is a full, comprehensive guide from the beginning of acquiring new leads for your business, all the way to turning your leads into loyal, long-term customers for life.

This book will teach you what all of the successful entrepreneurs are doing those other successful entrepreneurs rarely talk about. As you read this book, you will recognize and understand what has been going on behind the scenes that cause people to actually purchase products and services online.

The Homework That Changed Everything

Russell Brunson has been gathering this information since he was twelve years old when he started ordering free giveaways from classified ads. For one of his class assignments in college, he built a sales funnel online that was making him more money than his college professor who was (needless to say) quite impressed with his “homework.”

From that point forward, Russell began studying anything and everything he could find about how to build a business online. He has since then built several 6 figures a year (+) businesses that have not only made him one of the most successful entrepreneurs online today, but he has also built a huge following of entrepreneurs who are seeing similar results by following his teachings.

Russell has the support of several top marketers and online entrepreneurs including Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Edwards, Dan Kennedy, Armand Morin, Daegan Smith, Tony Robbins, and more. He helped Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki greatly increase their book sales and to quote Jim Edwards, “I’ve been around a long time and Russell is the first person I have seen in years who actually taught me new stuff.”

What You Will Learn:

Dot Com Secrets is a wealth of information and truly “The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online,” as the subtitle suggests. He takes you step-by-step through the history and evolution of marketing online, the important ingredients necessary, and what to avoid. Below is an overview of what you will learn from this book:

  • The parallel between old media (offline direct mail and classified ads) and new media (online equivalents) are not only more popular but also much more affordable.
  • ​He will show you “Evergreen” tactics that will never go out of style or be outdated.
  • ​He will show you how he not only teaches these principles but applies them and uses them on a daily basis to promote products and services to several different niches.
  • ​The psychology behind getting people to remember core concepts.
  • The Secret Formula for how to identify your dream clients and where to find them.
  • ​How to provide value one step at a time, while building trust and relationships with your clients along the way.

What You Will Learn About "The Ladder":

  • ​The “Ladder” of value qualifies your subscribers and buyers at each level of the process.
  • ​How to turn that ladder into a back-end funnel that will consistently generate sales.
  • ​The importance of identifying your target market of clients who want what you have to offer.
  • ​How to “interrupt” their patterns of thought and online activity. And get them to pay attention to what you have that can help them.
  • The three types of traffic and the goal of owning your own traffic (by getting them onto your list.)
  • ​Understanding the importance of the “Attractive Character” that will hook people into your business and have them eagerly looking forward to what you have to say.
  • ​All of the elements, identities, and storylines of that “Attractive Character,” and when to use each one of them.
  • ​The two critical components of following up with your dream customers. The ones that are on your email list (traffic that you own.)

More Things You Will Learn:

  • The 5 email sequence steps of creating a “Soap Opera” effect that will keep your dream clients coming back for more.
  • ​The three different styles of communicating with your clients every day and the importance of giving your list only interesting, current and beneficial information.
  • ​How to find existing traffic streams and how to reverse engineer what your successful competitors are doing.
  • ​The 5 variables of a successful campaign.
  • ​The 7 phases of a successful sales funnel.
  • ​The importance of pre-framing your clients or customers and setting the stage before entering your funnel.
  • ​How to take your website traffic’s “temperature,” and the importance of marketing to each one according to their level of awareness.
  • ​The 23 critical building blocks of a successful sales funnel.
  • ​Identifying “Hyperactive Buyers in Heat,” and how to treat them differently.
  • ​The difference between the front end of your funnel and the back end of your funnel, as well as the importance of setting up a successful back end.

And Even More Things You Will Learn:

  • ​The funnel framework (the big picture.)
  • ​The best types of bait to draw people into your business.
  • ​How to apply the “100 Visitor Test.”
  • ​“Order Bumps,” and how they can increase your profits.
  • ​Proven funnel scripts for the front end, middle and back ends of your funnel (everything from low ticket items to high ticket items.)
  • ​How to launch a new product.
  • The 3 steps to qualifying your high ticket buyers.
  • ​Where to find the most effective and affordable “drag and click” software that you can use to create your funnels without spending months building it yourself or paying an expensive web designer to build it for you.

Why The Dot Com Secrets Book Is A Smart Thing To Do:

What comes to mind when I get to this section is the day I was driving down a busy street and I saw a home builder’s billboard on the side of the road that said, “It’s Stupid Not To!” I do not mean that to sound offensive in any way, because I also am guilty of having spent many years doing things the wrong way, the expensive way, and the hard way.

Only in retrospect, after reading this book can I confidently state that there is most definitely a better way. If you order this free book and read it, you can decide for yourself! It does not cost you anything to check it out.

If you have a business that you are trying to promote online or you would like to learn the right way to build a business online, how in the world could you go wrong ordering a free book with all of the secrets that are not available anywhere else?

Pros: What I Love About The Dot Com Secrets Book (Part 1)

I spent over 16 + years learning how to market a business online through trial and error, the hard way. And I went to the school of hard knocks (you could say.) So, I was blown away by the value found in Russell Brunson’s teachings. What do I love about these teachings? Besides everything?

  • ​The importance of learning how to speak to your customers. And do so in a way that will bring you lasting results for a lifetime.
  • Ethical methods that are taught in this book and how to treat your clients and customers in such a way that they always receive tremendous value for everything they pay for while helping businesses to excel online.
  • ​The psychology behind what people want versus what they need, and how to give them both in ways that far exceed their expectations.
  • ​How these methods will never, ever go out of style or be outdated.
  • ​Russell taught me how to save several weeks and months of agonizing over how to build sales pages, one page at a time on my own (the hard way.)

Pros: What I Love About The Dot Com Secrets Book (Part 2)

  • ​This system fits perfectly (and actually compliments) WordPress blogs, and how a blog is one of 7 ways to successfully “pre-frame” your customers and clients and bring them into your business.
  • ​This book spells out the exact blueprint of what you need to focus on versus what you do not need to focus on so that you are effectively spending your time wisely.
  • ​This book teaches the secrets that other entrepreneurs don’t want you to know!
  • ​Tons of value is being given away for free while other entrepreneurs are charging too much for products and services that do not tell you what it really takes to be successful.
  • ​How Russell explains and teaches the principles of building a successful business. Also, his enthusiasm, and the simplicity behind it.

Pros: What I Love About The Dot Com Secrets Book (Part 3)

  • ​Russell’s motto is, “If I can’t teach you how to make money online, then I don’t deserve yours.”
  • ​How easily recognizable it is that everything Russell teaches makes perfect, logical, and common sense!
  • ​The bonus videos you get to watch while you wait for your book, are loaded with value (that could easily be sold for hundreds of dollars.)
  • The countless testimonials of how this book has revolutionized many businesses and far exceeded expectations.
  • ​That I can feel good about sharing this knowledge with others and KNOW that I am genuinely helping them.
  • ​How I figured out that I never need to change my mind again about whether or not I have the most effective strategies or tools to build a business online
  • ​Why these principles will work for any type of business and how all businesses need what this book has to offer.
  • ​How Russell teaches how to eliminate many technology frustrations and monthly fees of other tools and software.
  • ​The countless examples of marketing split tests that have been run and proven to work.
  • ​The reasons why all of Russell’s products will save valuable time and money over the course of building a business online.


  • ​You have to implement and apply these strategies in order for them to work!
  • ​This does require a bit of a learning curve and upfront work.
  • ​It does require people to get out of their comfort zones and do what works!
  • ​And it leads people to learn where they can find more training and software to put these principles to work. (But in far more cost-effective ways than entrepreneurs have been using in the past.)

What Is The Dot Com Secrets Book?

The Dot Com Secrets Book is a step-by-step blueprint for learning how to build a successful business (on the back end) online. It includes not only the business steps, but also the psychology behind them.

Who Is The Dot Com Secrets Book Is For:

Dot Com Secrets is for anyone who has an existing business. But also for anyone who would like to learn how to exponentially increase the profit margins of that business. It is also for those who would like to learn how to build a business online and do it right the first time or learn what they have been doing wrong.

DotCom Secrets Tools & Training:

The training you will find here is in the free book and also the free (bonus) videos you can watch while you wait. But be forewarned – Russell’s enthusiasm is contagious!! The tools that you will need are software programs that are sold separately.

The Benefits of The Dot Com Secrets Book:

The benefits you will find in this book would be the time-tested strategies that have been proven to work. This, after meticulous testing regarding what people will respond to when deciding to purchase something online. The ultimate benefits occur after those strategies are implemented. This would be raising your profit levels and turning your customers into raving fans. You want them to look forward to what you have to say.

What Is Required:

The only thing required to receive this free book is to give your name and address (so that the book can be shipped to you) and to pay for the shipping and handling.

Price of The Dot Com Secrets Book:

Free (plus shipping)

My Final Opinion of The Dot Com Secrets Book:

For several weeks, I kept seeing Russell Brunson pop up in my newsfeed on Facebook. My initial reaction was, “Oh that is just someone else trying to sell me something.”

So, I dismissed the ads over and over.

He looked to be not much older than my son. I always admire anyone who is trying to earn an honest living, so I had no problem with it. My problem was that I did not have the time to check it out. And at the time, I also did not have the extra money to spend on more online marketing tools or training.

When Curiosity Got The Best Of Me

Finally, one day my curiosity finally got the best of me and I decided to watch one of his videos. Since that day, I have not looked back. I was blown away by this young man’s expertise and knowledge about running a business online. And I was delighted to learn that he had built several million-dollar businesses.

The more I learned from Russell, the more I wanted to learn. I recognized immediately that he had the missing ingredients that I had been searching for and his enthusiasm is totally fun and contagious!! I thoroughly enjoy watching his training videos and eagerly took notes and tried to absorb everything he was teaching.

One of Russell’s Partners Taught Me Much Value

I was also happy to learn that he had partnered with Jim Edwards on one of his software products, which I had been following for many years. Jim was the person who taught me several timeless strategies that I still use every day.

I was happy to learn that Russell does promote the use of a blog as an effective tool to pre-frame customers and clients into your business. Russell also shares how a blog can be an effective marketing tool, specifically on social media sites.

Where to Send Your Traffic First

The difference is that you don’t have to send your traffic straight to an affiliate product or service. Russell teaches people how to create sales funnels to send them to first. Then you can capture their names and email addresses. This gives you the opportunity to market to them over and over again for free. This greatly increases your chances of making a sale because you get more than one opportunity to present your offer(s).

According to Russell, a blog is an “Inbound Traffic” strategy for acquiring traffic, while paid advertising is an “Outbound Traffic” strategy. The ultimate goal of both types of traffic is to get them to join your list. That way you will “Own” your traffic. This makes your business much more valuable with many added benefits.

I now understand that blogging and sales funnels can greatly complement each other. This is in contrast to being in opposition to one another. I prefer that the sales funnel be mine. This is a much better option than belonging to the affiliate vendor. I want the opportunity to follow up with those leads over and over again.

The Preferred Pre-Frame

Although Russell does not really focus on blogging, he does recognize the value of a blog. He states that many advertising platforms are moving in that direction. The reason is that a blog is a preferred “pre-frame” to get people into your business.

The greatest benefit that I received from Russell’s book and teachings is a very clear and totally comprehensive vision. I now recognize many, many different avenues to bring the right people into my business. He taught me how to track not only affiliate clicks but also every single step of the sales funnel process. This way, I can improve upon any areas that are, as he says, “broken or not working.”

Russell teaches how to tweak and test every aspect of a sales funnel. And split-test your results until each campaign becomes profitable. Once this is established, you can move on to the next funnel. The goal is to eliminate advertising costs because as he says, “If you put one dollar in and get two dollars back out, you no longer have an advertising budget.”

The Short View of The Dot Com Secrets Book:

Name: Dot Com Secrets Book
Price: Free (plus shipping)
Owners: Russell Brunson
Overall Rank: 98/100

Final Opinion of The Dot Com Secrets:

VERDICT: Totally Legitimate!!

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